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Roof Space Project (Mini Brief)

Developed as an example to my students, The Roof Space Project looks at the idea of developing an environment that showcases an area above a dwelling, office or other interior space of a building. A point in which a game avatar may need to access as a point of vantage, to see the path ahead, as a base of operations or maybe just an area to expolre for pick-ups or even a quest start location or a save point.

This brief can be a good skill set builder and I encourage you all to have a go.

  • 3DS Max
  • V-Ray
  • Photoshop

Roof Space Brief

This brief originally developed by Gareth Sleightholme, allows you to explore and develop your traditional and digital skills. It has been designed to be completed over the course of 1 week, in this time you should accumulate a range of research, develop ideas, generate rough designs and produce a final image or moving sequence in any visualisation medium, from traditional pencil renderings through to inking, painting or even digital 2D or 3D.

Roof Space is defined as: The area above a dwelling, office or other interior space of a building.

While researching you may also wish to look at other areas of interest that will aid in informing your designs, concept art, and set designs are great for this as they will assist with your creativity and imagination, helping to broaden your influences.

You are to develop a visualisation of a roof space that has implied narrative that could be used in a game setting for any number of resons (Point of Interest, Save Point or a Cut Sequence for example), you will engage in a wide array of research (photographs, books, film, video, concept art, set design), then produce no less then 50 thumbnail concepts (under construction, in a state of disrepair, brand new, repaired, patched up etc) before refining your final design and moving onto production.

Your Roof Space project can be set in any period, for any genre, real or fantasy based, and in any condition, but it must look like a Roof top area! You may want to consider the surrounding area to help give a sence of location and verticality.

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